Marylanders have a right to know how their legislators vote on issues of importance to them. This scorecard offers a birds-eye perspective of legislators’ votes on key ACLU issues over the past few years. The scorecard highlights:

  • The 2011 “DREAM” Act, SB 167, which extended college tuition breaks to undocumented immigrants;
  • The 2012 Civil Marriage Protection Act, HB 438, which granted same-sex couples the right to marry in Maryland;
  • SB 276 (2013), which made Maryland the 18th state to repeal the death penalty;
  • SB 364 (2014), which decriminalized possession of small amounts of marijuana;
  • HB 912 (2014) , which required law enforcement to obtain a search warrant to read peoples’ emails that are less than 6 months old.

NOTE: The ACLU of Maryland works to advance a broad and diverse range of issues, some of which are not addressed in this sample of past votes.

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